Creative Women Life Coach

Coaching 1×1

The door to the future may stick when we try to open it.  Not all transitions are easy or graceful.      16939146_1458966060811544_355061450848021334_n
Sometimes our past is done before our future seems quite ready.
~~Julia Cameron


I offer Individual Coaching Sessions to women who are serious about moving forward into the next chapter of your life.

You will experience individual coaching through:

  • Creative one on one sessions; in person, on the phone or via Skype
  • Weekly or bi-weekly meetings, one hour each
  • A series of sessions, designed specifically for your personal growth and goals
  • Minimum of 6 session

In my seven-step Creative Coaching Process you will receive the tools, knowledge and support you need to prepare for and to move forward with your life.  Together, we’ll creatively experience poetry, music, walking, talking, perhaps even some dancing!  You will rediscover your inner muse and tap into her wisdom and her Wildish Nature!

  1. Reality Check:  Understand where you are on life’s journey; celebrate your achievements

  2. Reclaim Your Essential Self:  Journey inward to clarify your values, passions and gifts

  3. Reveal What You Really Want:  Discover what the real you really wants and deserves

  4. Refine Your Goal:  Clearly state where you’re going; Set Intentions

  5. Release Your Energy:  Journey outward; implement a realistic plan 

  6. Rejoice!  Celebrate your new goals, new plan, new path, and new life

Contact me to schedule a complimentary half-hour Discovery Session
Phone/Cell:  612-840-9263


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